Eclipse XP General Description

The ECLIPSE XP™ electric emergency shutdown system uses a unique and modern approach to instantly stop the flow of chlorine or SO2 at the tank valve. In contrast to traditional pneumatic systems, the ECLIPSE XP electric actuators operate off of a 12 VDC battery located in the controller that is continuously charged via line voltage.

Should the plant ever lose AC power to the controller, the battery has enough power to safely operate the system for up to 3 days and multiple valve closures. Because the system can detect a spike in electrical current to the motor, the actuator is able to detect the torque that is generated as the valve begins to engage the valve seat. This unique and patented feature allows the operators to know that not only did they activate their system, but that the valve is actually closed. No other actuator on the market is able to make this claim.


  • All electric/battery powered operation.
  • Torque Sense Technology knows when valve is closed.
  • No Pneumatics: Maintenance free /very low power use.
  • Simple installation, no separate storage kiosk required.
  • Closes valve in 1 second.
  • Up to 3 days of built-in battery backup.
  • Independent test buttons for each cylinder.
  • Shutdown via gas detectors, panic buttons or PLC.
  • 3 year warranty.

Eclipse XP Technical Specs 

Enclosure :Epoxy Coated Aluminum, IP67/NEMA 4X
Cable :3.6 m (12 ft) standard,
12 m (40 ft) max
Closing Torque :11 N-m (8 ft-lb)
Battery Type :12VDC, 8.0 Amp-Hour, High Rate
Power Consumption :Bulk Charge – 0.5A @ 220VAC max,
Idle – 100mA @ 220VAC max
Battery Backup Time :Up to 3 days for multiple closures
Certifications :CE

Eclipse XP Options/Accessories

6430.00:Additional Emergency Close Button
4500.14-S :Relay Module, (3) Dry Contact Relays, choose from 10+ diagnostics
4502.01:SCADA Output, RS232 Serial Port, 10+ Diagnostics

Eclipse Actuator

The Eclipse™ emergency valve actuator automatically closes chlorine or sulfur dioxide ton container and 150 lb cylinder valves in the event of a system leak or emergency.

Junction Box

Junction Box for extending actuator cable lengths. NEMA 4X/UL listed, color coded screw terminal connectors for joining actuator cables to conduit wires.

Chlorine Ton Container Adapter

Chlorine Ton Container Adapter. Allows Eclipse and Terminator valve actuators to be used with vacuum regulators that require adapters.

VR Extension

VR Extension for Direct Mount Vacuum Regulators. Allows both the Eclipse actuator and the vacuum regulator to be mount-ed to the same ton container valve.