Eclipse General

Halogen’s Eclipse actuators and system controllers are designed to be used with standard 150 lb. cylinder and ton container valves. The Eclipse is an automatic-closing, fail-safe valve closer that supplements the manual operation of these valves by providing for powered valve closure in case of an emergency. No modification of existing container valve or related hardware is required to install the system controller or Eclipse actuator. The Eclipse actuator is the heart of the Hexacon, Duplex and Simplex systems where greater closing torque on the valve is required.

The medium weight (10 lbs.) Eclipse actuator provides an electronic powered closure of a ton container or a 150 lb. cylinder valve. During an emergency, the actuator will close the cylinder / ton container valve with 50 ft.-lbs of torque when triggered by a gas leak detector, remote switch, or any combination of automatic or manual switches. The mounting clamp attached directly to standard yoke assemblies and can be integrated with a valve mounted vacuum regulator to give added safety against gasket or packing leaks.


  • Closes valve in less than one second.
  • Mounting clamp fits standard valve and hardware.
  • Through-shaft design enables manual operation at all times.
  • One-way clutch insures power-to-close only.
  • Applies Chlorine Institute recommended torque.
  • Three Year Factory Warranty

Eclipse Technical Specs

Enclosure :XENOY™, NEMA 4X
Drive Shaft :440C Stainless Steel
Drive Bushing :XYLAN® Aluminum-Silicon Bronze
Cable :12 ft (3.7m), 4 Wire
Closing Torque :40-50 ft-lbs
Charging Current @ 110/220VAC :0.9A MAX

Charging Current @ 12VDC (Solar) :

.34A MAX
Battery Type :12VDC, 8.0 Amp-Hour, High Rate
Standby/Backup TimeUp to 5 days
Standard Compatibility :Chlorine Institute DWG’s 110, 113
Yoke Compatibility :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Chlorine Institute DWG’s 189, 131                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Eclipse Options/Accessories

4100.00 :Replacement Battery-HR9-12, 8.5Ah High Rate, UL/CE (12V, 36WPC/15Min)
6303.00 :V-R Extension, For Ton Mounted Vacuum Regulators
5151.00 :Open Style Yoke
6888.00 :Yoke to Pigtail Adapter
2192.07-A :Clamp Extensions
2202.00 :Auxiliary Valve Adapter
2196.00 : 

Additional Actuator Storage Bracket                                                                                                                                                         

Eclipse Actuator

The Eclipse™ emergency valve actuator automatically closes chlorine or sulfur dioxide ton container and 150 lb cylinder valves in the event of a system leak or emergency.

Junction Box

Junction Box for extending actuator cable lengths. NEMA 4X/UL listed, color coded screw terminal connectors for joining actuator cables to conduit wires.

Chlorine Ton Container Adapter

Chlorine Ton Container Adapter. Allows Eclipse and Terminator valve actuators to be used with vacuum regulators that require adapters.

VR Extension

VR Extension for Direct Mount Vacuum Regulators. Allows both the Eclipse actuator and the vacuum regulator to be mount-ed to the same ton container valve.

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